Wow! Time flies!

Wow, I can't believe that it is already April of 2011. Where did the last two years go? Well, if you're still reading my blog, then I suppose I ought to catch you up with things.

School. School is difficult and crazy and frustrating and...well, good. As crazy as things are, I still love it. The last two terms were a little tedious, but the research part is getting interesting. We have a nice research team (me, Matt, Jean, and Dr. Mitchell) for our dissertation project. I must admit that Matt used to drive me nuts and that I did not get along with him at all last year. But we've figured out how to get along and even enjoy each other's company, and he has been pretty good to work with so far. Jean is wonderful, as always. She's smart, hard-working, and easy-going. She just had a baby, so she's pretty wiped out these days, but she's a great addition to our team. As for our fearless leader, Dr. Mitchell, he's pretty awesome. He's one of the smartest people I've ever met. He is introducing us to a lot of interesting stuff, and so far I'm still excited about our topic. I just hope I can continue this excitement for the next year.

Work. Work is...well, awful. Ever since the company restructured last year, it has been a pretty awful place to be. Our boss is, frankly, clueless, and it is not fun to work for her. The company cares nothing about its students anymore; the bottom line is the only line. Teachers are treated as if they were disposable, and administration has no idea what we do. I could complain for hours, but let's just leave it at that.

Church. Church has gotten interesting. We have a new pastor for Renovatus, and he is not hesitating to recognize my strengths. Since he has arrived, I have already gotten to speak twice, and I am also helping with the decision-making process. Of course, I still get to bake every month or so. It's really a very nice group to be a part of. The Sabbath morning service is hit-and-miss, but I'm trying to make it a point to go. I figure that I need to be a part of a community, and that I'm going to have to make the effort to do so.

Relationship. Non-existent. No prospects. Depressing. 'Nuff said.

Family. Complicated. Have to go to a funeral this week. Auntie Mein (my mom's brother's wife) was taken by cancer. She had been sick for a very long time. She was a good mom and wife, and she'll be missed a lot. As for the rest of the family. Yeah, let's just say complicated and leave it at that.

So yeah, I think that's about it. Not that many people read this, but I figured I owe it to the people who do pay attention. No promises to blog more regularly. For some reason, life is kicking my ass right now. Ha ha.

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