A Strange Day...

Yesterday was very odd. It was so strange, in fact, that I think I am just going to pretend that yesterday didn't happen.

For Christmas, my sister gave me a membership to the Norton Simon Museum. It's one of my favorite places, and I'm really grateful for the gift. I was planning to go sometime during the week; I figured fewer people would be at the museum, and I could linger as much as I liked. However, one of my friends decided to go with me, and since she works in the afternoons and evenings when the museum is open, we made plans to go yesterday afternoon. I was working until 1pm, so we decided to meet for lunch in Pasadena and then head to the museum.

However, when I finished with my student, I hadn't heard from my friend. I called and texted her multiple times, but I got no response. Just when I was about to give up on her, she called. Turns out that her water heater leaked in her apartment, and she was busy getting that taken care of. She said it had been settled, and she would be along shortly. About 15 minutes later, she called me again and said she was feeling sick and was going to go back home. I was very disappointed, but I was having a conversation with someone, and I decided to stay put while I decided what to do next. While I was sitting there, my phone rang again. My friend had decided that she wasn't feeling sick and was coming back. I had wanted to go to Green Street Restaurant, but my friend wanted to go to Souplantation, so that's where we went. I figured that since she wasn't feeling well, I'd let her choose. Has the food at Souplantation always been that bad? It was also crowded, and we had to wait to be seated because of the crowd.

Anyway, we were finally off to the museum. Once there, we headed straight for the special exhibit: A Raphael painting of the Madonna and Child; the painting is on loan from the National Gallery.The painting is quite stunning in its beauty. Any pictures of the painting that you may have seen do not capture how truly beautiful the painting is. I really can't even explain why.

After we looked at the Raphael, my friend seemed very antsy to leave. "Did you want to see anything else?" she asked. I answered that I love to look at everything, and she seemed disappointed. I did a little shopping in the bookstore while she visited the restroom. However, when she found me, she said that she still wasn't feeling well and was going home. I shopped for a little while longer by myself and then decided to go home, too. It was less than an hour until the museum closed, and I had been out all day.

So, yeah. It was a strange day. But I have decided to go back to the museum on Wednesday. I have to work in Pasadena at 6:15, and the museum is open from 12 to 6, so that will be just perfect. If you promise not to be a catalyst for another strange day, you are welcome to join me. :)

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