The Top 10 Best Things about Having Diabetes

Diabetes sucks. I hate having it. I hate the finger sticks, the medication, the (many) highs and the (not so many but really annoying) lows, and the fact that most people just think that all I have to do is avoid dessert. But the one thing that is true is that I have found a lot of supporters and people who know exactly what I am going through. On the Dear Janis message boards, someone posted this link.

I'm posting the list here--noting again that the list is not mine. Please do check out the article.

  • 10. Good with numbers.
  • 9. Creative.
  • 8. Technologically savvy.
  • 7. Nutritionally in the know.
  • 6. Supported by a built-in community.
  • 5. Benefit more from exercise.
  • 4. Quickly updated about lifestyle changes.
  • 3. Healthier.
  • 2. Well cared for.
  • 1. Self-aware.

For those of you who are diabetic, I hope the article gives you a little bit of motivation today. For those of you who aren't, I hope this helped you learn something you didn't know. :)


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