I've been doing a lot of research lately. Yes, again. I'm trying to clean up my dissertation so that it incorporates the concerns that my committee expressed. Dr. Mitchell is really a stickler for making sure things are all in order, which makes for excellence but also creates a lot of work. So I am doing a lot of work. LOL

And July is a busy month for me, research-wise. We are presenting at the Institute for Social Justice conference next week. By "we," I mean me, Rebeccah, and Jean. Now Dr. Mitchell is helping us (a lot!), so he is a part of this, too. We are going to try to turn this paper into our AERA paper. The proposal is due in 3 weeks, so we need to get going pretty quickly.

I've been writing and writing and writing for the last week, and for two days in a row, I met with Dr. Mitchell to discuss my dissertation and the conference paper. I should have known that this would suck up my entire days, but I had faith that it would only suck up a few hours each day. Boy, was I wrong.

It was exhausting. I am so tired...zzz


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