The Wedding!

Sunday morning arrived, and I woke up much earlier than I wanted to. I had breakfast with my sister and brother-in-law, and they left to go to sing in the choir at church. I worked on my dissertation for a little while and watched some episodes of "The Six Million Dollar Man" on DVD. Don't laugh. They were the Bionic Woman episodes. :D

I soon got tired and lay down for "just a little while." After 1-1/2 hours, my sister and her husband arrived home from church and work me up. Ha ha. We had lunch, and then I did a little more work before getting ready to go to the wedding.

We left the house at around 4pm, and we went into town so that I could get my hair fixed up for the wedding. I'd made an appointment on Friday, but the girls at the salon acted as if they had no idea who I was. One of them finally checked the book, and my name was indeed there. So one of them did my hair. She did not introduce herself, and she did not seem overly happy about it. She was not hostile; just not very friendly either. She did an OK job, I think, but, boy, did she use a lot of product!

Anyway, we made it to the wedding and said hello to several people. My sister went to figure out what her job duties were, and I found a seat in the audience. The children were adorable,

the setting was beautiful,

and the music was nice.

My cousin walked down the aisle on the arm of her father.

Just when she got to the end of the aisle, the wind caught her veil and it flew off into the wild blue yonder.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and soon we were off to the cocktail hour. Oh, and the wedding coordinator was able to retrieve the veil. :)

Most of the family stood around watching picture-taking,

but eventually we made it upstairs for some lovely sparkling wine, appetizers, and conversation. It was nice to hang out with family and like-family friends. We took pictures of each other, ate, drank, and caught up.

Then it was time for the reception in the wine cave!

The reception was fun! The couple danced their first dance and looked beautiful.

We had some lovely food,

and we got to talk more with our family and friends.

Liza played the cello, accompanied by her sister.

After the cake,

we left the winery and drove the dark roads back to the house in the mountains. I was exhausted and fell asleep pretty quickly. :)

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