Vancouver! Day 7...the voyage home...

It was time to go home. The day was a little rainy but not terribly so. While I was getting ready for the day, I heard a knocking on my window. This was a little more than odd, because I was on the fifth floor. I turned around to see a seagull, knocking with its open beak. I ignored the bird, but he was quite insistent, staying around for at least 10 minutes. He flew off but soon returned, knocking and knocking. I finally just ignored him, but he stayed there for quite a while.

I finished packing, had a pastry, checked out of my room, and went downstairs to catch a cab. We stopped by to pick up Matt at his hotel. He was waiting outside, so that did not take too long. On the way to the airport, we had an interesting chat with the cab driver about the homeless people in his city ("there's a welfare system; if they still need to beg, they must be on drugs") and about legalizing marijuana use (he was for it). He got us to the airport in plenty of time, and I gave him a very generous tip.

Matt's flight was 3 or 4 hours after mine. Our plan was to check in, find somewhere to eat, then clear security and wait together. Unfortunately, this did not work out so well. I went to my airline to check in, and Matt went to his. I had to fill out the customs card, and while I did, the line was invaded by a Japanese tour group. I had to wait behind the whole lot of them, who were loud, slow, and annoying. While I was waiting, Matt arrived back at my airline. His airline would not let him check in until noon, and it was only 9am or so.

Then I found out that I had to go through U.S. Customs right away and had to go straight from the ticket counter to security and customs. So there went our breakfast plans. In security, I was randomly selected (AGAIN!) to be publicly molested. SERIOUSLY! I went through security and customs and easily found my gate. I did a little window-shopping and then decided that I was still hungry. I decided to try Tim Horton's, because I had seen their stores all over Vancouver. Not a good choice. The chicken salad sandwich was mediocre, and the chicken noodle soup was tasteless and watery. I was very unhappy and was glad that I still had snacks left over--snacks that I did not want to bring on the plane.

The plane arrived, and I was able to board without incident. I read a book throughout the whole flight, which, except for a bit of excess turbulence, was rather uneventful. I got to LAX, where my dad picked me up. There was a lot of rush hour traffic already, but I made it home after a successful conference! :)

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