Vancouver! Day 6...

Tuesday morning was overcast but dry. Having run out of bread for sandwiches, I went across the street (more or less) to Starbucks and picked up some pastry for breakfast. Matt came over to the hotel, and he bought his ticket for the trolley. (The company was having a special, so my ticket was still good for another day.) We walked over to the Hyatt and were soon on our way. It was interesting to see how different the tour was with a different driver. I'd experienced three drivers on Saturday, and now we had a new one.

We stayed on the trolley for quite a while. Matt took some video (see the bottom of this post). Finally, we left the trolley at the totem poles. As you remember, I'd visited the totem poles on Saturday, but I thought that Matt might like them. He did, actually. We hung out there for a little while, took some movies, bought some stuff in the store, took some pictures, chased a bird (Matt, not Kathy), and then got back on the shuttle.

After leaving the totem poles, we headed to Chinatown. Between Stanley Park and Chinatown we had the best driver. He was so Canadian that he was a cariacature. It was pretty awesome. At Chinatown we headed back to the Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Our beautiful day was starting to get cold, and we were not enjoying waiting around for the tour guide. Matt paid for the entrance fee, and that came with the tour. However, he decided that the tour was boring, and we decided to leave before the tour was over. The trolley soon came by, and we were again on our way.

We decided to take one last stop at Gastown, which was a good place for buying souvenirs. We were able to get some gifts to bring home. Just about the time that we were done souvenir shopping, it started to rain. It was just sprinkling, so we headed across the street to look at the dive-y hotel that Matt had stayed in when he was visiting Vancouver the last time. We even saw a guy being arrested in front of the hotel. Yes, that's how dive-y it was.

To get out of the rain, we ducked into the pub on the ground floor of the hotel (the name escapes me right now). We decided to eat lunch. Matt had macaroni and cheese, and I decided to try the poutine. It was not bad, especially the top where the cheese was very melty and delicious. At the bottom of the bowl, however, where the gravy had pooled, it was very salty, although still good.


When we were done eating, we went outside to wait for the trolley one last time. It was raining and cold. While we were waiting, we were approached by yet another of Vancouver's homeless population. (And I haven't even told you about all of them.) We got back to the Hyatt and were cold and tired, so we went to our respective hotels to pack for the trip home.

(Below is Matt's video of the trip to Vancouver. I'm featured in the second half (or so) of the video.)

Back in my hotel room, I packed, interrupted by a visit to the hotel gift shop. I decided to order room service, just for fun. I got one of the biggest turkey burgers I've ever seen. It was good but not as spectacular as I expected. But, boy, was I FULL! Ha ha ha.

It was bittersweet to be packing. I loved Vancouver, but I was missing home.

Coming up...Day 7...the voyage home...

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