Times Have Changed

When sister #2 got her doctorate, she had a lovely party and then a week later had a huge wedding. The wedding was the night before my finals week started. (I think I actually failed the test I had the next day, but, because I was among the department favorites and had been doing well up until that point, I still ended the course with an A.)

When sister #1 got her doctorate, my whole family went to Boston for her graduation. Then my parents and she and I took a month-long European vacation. (Not that I'm complaining, or anything. It was a great trip.)

Now I'm getting my doctorate. Sister #1 says she can't come, because (and, yes, I'm paraphrasing here), the last day of 3rd grade is more important than my graduation. Sister #2 can come, but is choosing not to, because "Liza's wedding is going to be more fun" than my graduation.

Just saying. Times have changed...

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