Father Ted

I've been wanting to watch this TV show for years, but I finally just decided to do it. I watched every single episode (over the course of several months) of "Father Ted." If you don't know about Father Ted, I'll tell you. It is a comedy that ran in the UK from 1995 through 1998. It is the story of Father Ted, Father Dougal, Father Jack, and their housekeeper Mrs. Doyle. They all live on Craggy Island, which is basically the middle of nowhere. Father Ted seems relatively normal, although the show hints that he was sent to Craggy Island because of some financial indiscretions. Tee hee. Father Dougal is well-meaning but seems to reside on the left hand side of the bell curve. Ha ha. Then there is Father Jack, who spends most of the show catatonic, except to yell out his favorite words: "Feck," "drink," "girls," and "no!" Mrs. Doyle is their longsuffering housekeeper, who loves to make tea and take care of her men.

Father Ted manages to get into all sorts of hilarious adventures..having to lead a group of priests out of the lingerie section of a department store without being detected; getting stuck in a tiny, tiny camper with Fathers Dougal and Jack, as well as a youth group led by a very enthusiastic youth pastor (played by a hilarious Graham Norton); writing a song for a European competition (the song is called "My Lovely Horse"); and many more. I found myself watching it at night before bed and having many laugh out loud moments to put me in a happy mood before going to sleep.

If you can find this show (on DVD, on Netflix, or somewhere else), I highly recommend it.


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