Album Review: Steven Curtis Chapman's "re:creation"

I'm a sucker for most things Steven Curtis Chapman. He's not always my favorite CCM artist, but circumstances have pushed him to near the top of the list. (I found myself on a pirate ship, if you must ask.) So when SCC came out with a new album last year, I did not hesitate to purchase it. The album is a mixture of new songs and old favorites--"re:created."

Of the new songs, my favorite tracks are Track 1: "Do Everything" and Track 11: "Meant to Be." Both are very pop-sounding uplifting songs with similar messages: Nothing you do is unimportant, so live your life to the glory of God. Can't go wrong with that message, right? The re:creations that I like the most are "Live out Loud," "The Great Adventure," and "Speechless." All of these arrangements are more subdued than the originals, but they still fit the nature of the songs. It's nice to hear something "new" and still be able to sing along in the car.

Unfortunately, the album is almost spoiled by the atrocity that is the re:creation of one of my favorite songs, "Dive." The very moment that I hear the first note from the asthmatic flute players, I am "diving" for the fast forward button on my car CD player to avoid the rest of this horrible arrangement. What in the world inspired Mr. Chapman to write this awfulness is beyond me. The worst part is the last note of the piece--a sustained note by the two flute players--a note so flat that it feels like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. I am honestly surprised that no one on SCC's team heard that note and made them do another take? Or was that really the best one? If so, I am glad I did not hear the others. I would have run screaming from the room. As it is, I almost do every time I hear this song on the CD, and it is in my car!

Nevertheless, this album is worth the money. It is a nice change from the very somber album that SCC put out after the death of his daughter. Just don't say I didn't warn you. :)


Emily said...

Dive was the most difficult for me to listen to, as well. However, one day, the flutes just... worked... After that? I pretty much liked it. Not love, but enjoy. :)

HRH Princess KT said...

Can't do it. I tried; I really did. But for me it honestly gets worse every time. It's come to the point now that I scream when I hear the first notes. *shudders*

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