"This Is So Simple That Even..."

Yesterday one of my Facebook friends posted something on her wall that really upset me. This person usually posts inspirational sayings and pictures of fluffy kitties. So I was pretty surprised when she posted a picture yesterday that bore the caption: "Even liberals can understand this." Unfortunately, this post is not rare in the Facebook world, so common that it made me question the hours that I spend on the site.

Just for the record, this post is not a political statement on my part. I consider myself conservative on some points, liberal on others, and moderate on still others. I disagree with most of what I hear from politicians. But more than anything, I find political bullying absolutely unbearable.

I wonder why anyone would post something that clearly would insult at least one of her Facebook friends. Is the post meant to engender intelligent discussion during which both sides (in this case, "conservatives" and "liberals") can exchange points of view and maybe learn something from each other? If so, then starting with an insult would probably not be wise.

Is the post meant to appeal to those with similar political ideals, to say, "Look at how right we are?" If so, then why the name-calling?

Seems to me that the caption on the post is bullying, pure and simple. And as such, I want nothing to do with it. So, sorry Facebook pals. I may have to block you soon. If so, it's absolutely personal.

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