United Tour!

So, for those of you who read my actual blog and not the feed on Facebook, I've posted some pictures here. :)

Diane and I were again concert buddies as we made our way to Long Beach (thanks for driving, Diane!) and the Terrace Theater for the United Tour. I'd never been to that venue before. It's pretty nice. Not too big, so even though our seats weren't the most expensive, we still had a very good view of the stage.

SCC and MWS appeared on stage together, about 10 minutes after the scheduled time. They started off by singing/leading some worship songs, including "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord," which is a song that SCC has talked about a lot since Maria's death.

Then SCC started in on his own music. MWS joined the band for one or two songs, then it was SCC and the band. Caleb is along on this tour, but Will Franklin is not. Steven is a lot different since the last time I saw him. And that's to be expected. He is more serious, and the songs he chose all seemed to relate to his family's experience in the past year--"God Is God," "Yours," "Miracle of the Moment," and, of course, "Cinderella." And, of course, he talked a lot about Maria's death and how they have been living their lives since last May. It was definitely a different vibe. It was still great--just . . . different. But Steven did not disappoint us. He finished his solo set with two favorites--"Live Out Loud" and "Dive." Geoff Moore even surprised us by joining SCC on stage.

And just when we were expecting the intermission, Michael came back out. This was my favorite part of the concert. The banter between SCC and MWS was a riot. And then they started singing each other's songs. With MWS singing, "The Great Adventure," and SCC singing, "Go West, Young Man" and "I Will Be Here for You" (complete with instructions to the audience to open their cell phones and sway), it was so much fun! MWS "convinced" SCC to sing, "I Will Be Here for You." Steven talked about adoption and Show Hope, and then Geoff Moore came out and talked some more about Show Hope and Compassion.

During the intermission, Diane and I visited the merc table. They had some cool stuff, but the only thing I really thought I might buy was a T-shirt. Since I don't wear T-shirts that often, I really couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Diane bought the "Speechless" CD, but that's all we bought.

Then it was Michael's turn. He sang a medley of some of his bigger hits, ending, of course, with "Friends." Steven joined him for that, and cute, playful banter ensued. Then MWS sang a bunch of other songs, as I realized that I have not bought one of his albums in a really long time. In the last few years, he's really gotten into more worship music. It's not a bad thing; it's just not my favorite. Plus, I couldn't get into it, because he sang a lot of songs I didn't know. He's a great showman, but I'd rather he sang things I know. I guess I'll have to pick up his latest album and catch up.

The concert ended with both Geoff and Steven joining Michael for some more worship songs. I actually knew the songs; at the moment I just can't remember what they were. Then they all left the stage--no encores.

Overall, it was a great concert--different--but great. Please remember to keep SCC and all of the Chapmans in your prayers. They are clearly still grieving, and they need to be surrounded by our prayers and love. And, of course, do pray for the rest of the tour as well.

If you're going to see this concert, you will have a wonderful time! Be sure to post your pictures! :)


slicer said...

Nice pictures, Kathy!
Glad you were able to see SCC again after all these years.

I'd heard about Smitty going almost exclusively praise and worship. Kind of miss the old stuff too.

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