AB 1430

I recently got a letter from the American Diabetes Association about AB 1430. The California legislature is considering a bill that would make it illegal for anyone except trained nurses to administer insulin to students in California public schools--even if there is someone else in the school who is trained to give the injections. This means, basically, that if your child has diabetes, then he or she will either (1) have to learn how to give his/her own injections, no matter how old that child is; 2) only have his/her medication on the days that there is actually a nurse on campus--sometimes only once every two weeks; 3) have someone (usually the parent) come on campus at regular intervals to administer the medication; or 4) stay home from school and be homeschooled.

Why? Because California school nurses are afraid that by allowing someone else to give these much-needed injections, they will become obsolete. Frankly, what is making them obsolete is the ridiculous notion that not having a full-time nurse on every campus is somehow good for children's safety. "Yes, Johnny, I'm sorry you fell down and sprained your wrist on the playground. We will have the nurse look at it next Thursday when she comes in."

Since we can't have nurses on every single campus in every single public school, why must we punish diabetic children? If students are too young to administer their own insulin, does that mean that the state has the right to discriminate against them and essentially keep them out of public schools? How is training someone to do something that a nurse isn't even there for a bad thing? How is allowing a child access to education while at the same time caring for his/her health harmful to nurses?

If you're not sure about this, maybe this article will give you some perspective. Please pray about this matter.


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