Whatever Happened to My Town?

Although my address is Los Angeles, I really grew up in Glendale. I attended school and church in Glendale. I like to shop at the Glendale Galleria. It's one of the few cities that I actually know my way around. But these days I'm starting to hate Glendale.

Let's start with the traffic. When did Glendale get such bad traffic? And it's not just that the traffic is heavy. It's that the streets are filled with bad and rude drivers. I seriously fear for my life every time I drive through town now. People swerve randomly, stop in the middle of the road, and yell and swear when they do these things. Oh, and don't get me started on the people who randomly cross the street without looking. Idiots.

This leads me to the parking situation. What the hell??? Did no one in Glendale ever learn what a parking lot is for? And what is the deal with following people to their cars? The parking lot is not full, idiots. Park your stupid car and WALK! Seriously.

And then there's the shopping. Honestly, I love shopping, but shopping in Glendale is beginning to be such a huge pain in my ass. Other shoppers are incredibly rude, cutting in front of me in line, leaving their carts in the middle of nowhere, or having conversations in front of displays. The cashiers are not much better, having long, meaningful talks (usually not in English) with other customers while the lines get longer and longer.

I think I'm going to confine most of my shopping to Pasadena and Burbank, throwing in downtown L.A. and the Valley when I get to those places. It may be better for my sanity.


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