This Is Why GMAT Proctors Are So Nuts

One of the things that each of one my GMAT students is worried about is the degree of strictness at the Pearson Center where he or she will take the GMAT. I've heard stories of proctors that won't let test-takers remove their sweaters mid-test, won't allow students with colds to have wrapped cough drops, and need to escort students to and from the bathroom. The fingerprinting, cameras, and, soon, palm-vein scans, are enough to rattle even the best test-takers. I tell my students that all of the rules are to deter cheaters. If people didn't cheat, GMAC wouldn't have so many crazy rules.

So when I read this story, I was not surprised but very disappointed. Seriously, does anyone wonder why the news is filled with stories of illegal activities by CEOs and other executives? These people apparently can't even take an exam without cheating! So sad.

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