Party Planning

Well, I've been spending my days scanning pictures, making phone calls, and scanning more pictures. That is, when I'm not working. It seems as if the photo albums will never end.

Oh yeah, I didn't explain why. My parents' 50th anniversary is next month, and we are planning a dinner party for them. It is not going to be a huge party that everyone they know is invited to. Instead, we opted for a smaller dinner with close and old friends. The invitations have been sent, and half of the people have responded. Most of those who have responded are coming. Including us, we have 49 people so far. That's a really good size, and we won't have more than 70 if all of the others say yes.

So right now I'm scanning old photo albums, trying to find pictures that we can use for the decorations. I have about six more albums to go through here, but I still have some upstairs to look at. I think I will have enough pictures to do what I want, but we'll see.

Also, I need to buy a dress. I found kind-of a cute one online, but I haven't gotten around to ordering yet. I'll go to the mall eventually and look around, but right now I need to get this picture thing done.

So that's my life . . . work, scan, call, lather, rinse, repeat.


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