Ice Cream for Good!

I got this email a few weeks ago . . .

Dear ONE Member,

I would have said "free ice cream" in the subject line, except then this email would have been caught in your spam filter.

We've teamed up with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream to create a new flavor, ONE Cheesecake Brownie, and you are invited to the launch event on Monday, April 7 at the Ben and Jerry's scoop shop at 164 E Palm Ave in Burbank.

Daughtry, the African Children's Choir, David Lane, and of course Ben and Jerry will all be there to talk about the difference we all can make, and how our new pint-sized ally can help us out.

The details are:
Where: Burbank Ben & Jerry's scoop shop at 164 E Palm Ave # 101, Burbank, CA 91502 (map)
When: Monday, April 7 at 2:30 pm
What: Launch of the Ben & Jerry's ONE Cheesecake Brownie ice cream
Who: Daughtry, Ben and Jerry, David Lane, and the African Children's Choir

Besides being delicious, I hope ONE Cheesecake Brownie will help you introduce your friends to ONE and provide a fun organizing tool for local ONE groups.

I hope to see you there, and hope you'll bring a friend for the free ice cream.

Pretty cool, eh? I was kind-of hoping there'd be more press about it, but since there wasn't, I decided to post about it anyway. Stephen and I went, and Chris came by after work, too. The ice cream is REALLY good, and it helps people. So check it out, OK?

Here's some more info on


Emily said...

AND did you get to see Daughtry? :)

I've been absent from your blog. I'm going to try to read more. Heck, I've been absent from MY blog! LOL

PMKat said...

They were there, and each one of them spoke. But they didn't perform.

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