National Diabetes Month

It's National Diabetes Month. I find it interesting because not only is November my birth month, it's also the month in which I was diagnosed. I think I was actually diagnosed on the day before my birthday.

Anyway, it's a time to raise awareness about what diabetes really is and what it's not. And it's also a great time to donate what you can--time, money, energy, etc.--to diabetes research and education. But, hey, as far as I'm concerned, anytime is a perfect time for that!

So if you want to know about diabetes, just ask me. I don't promise to know all of the answers. I'm not a diabetes expert; I'm just me--someone who happens to be diabetic.

By the way, here is a good article on National Diabetes Month from dLife.


Emily said...

So yeah... i was watching TV today and you were on it.

OK, maybe it wasn't YOU, but she sure looked a LOT like you.

LOL :)

PMKat said...

Where was this? :)

Maybe I'm sleep-acting?

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