Tea for a Mom-to-Be

Yesterday I attended a delightful baby shower for my cousin Janet. It was hosted by her sisters Joy and Liza at the Chado Tea Room in Pasadena. It was a very nice time. I didn't get very good pictures, so I hope I get some from Joy and/or Liza and/or Doreen (hint, hint). The place is very nice, not terribly big, and off the beaten path while still being in the heart of Old Town. The food was absolutely delicious. We had four different kinds of sandwiches, scones with marmalade and cream with strawberries, two kinds of cake, and cookies. YUM YUM!!! Oh, and the tea was delicious as well. The tea menu is about 40 pages long--no kidding. I chose a nice fruity tea--iced, because it is beastly hot in L.A. these days. There were games (I won both, but I tried to play it off--really, you oughtn't ask me to play word games) and gifts, of course. But the best part was the company. Let's see . . . starting at my right there were . . . Joan, Jennifer, Judy, Michelle, Tracy, Elaine, Janet, Liza, Doreen, Katherine, Mollie, and Joy. It was really a very nice time. Can't wait until the next party!



PMKat said...

p.s. Doreen sent me some pictures that are absolutely gorgeous. I'll post them when I'm on the right computer.

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