Ain't No Party

Welcome to my new blog! I decided that Yahoo 360 didn't give me enough control over things, so I decided switched over here. I hope I get some readers. I'd hate to be all alone out here in cyberspace.

I thought I'd start off by explaining where the name of my blog comes from. It's one of my favorite songs from the musical Dreamgirls--the show, not the movie. (They actually didn't use the song in the movie.)

Some words of explanation, no, I'm not having an affair with a married man. I just really like the line that I used above: "Even though my man throws confetti in my face, it still don't make it no party." I won't lie and tell you that my life is bad, but some days--yeah--I'm still waiting for my party.

Yes I knew you were married when I met you
Told myself "That's the way it's got to be!"
But for all these years, the best of my life,
My life has become a catastrophe

Sitting here waiting on a man who ain't comin'
Ain't no party, no, no, no
I'm sittin' there wishin' I had some ambition
To get me through; there wasn't always you

Don't I give you good lovin', sweet daddy
Anytime she let you slip away?
You're gonna tell her now that you love me
And you're gonna tell her today

Sitting here waiting on a man who ain't comin'
Ain't no party, no, no, no
I'm sittin' there wishin' I had some ambition
To get me through, but it wasn't always you

Where's my party?
Where is my party?
Where's the champagne?
Where's the flowers?
I'm all dressed up in my party dress
And I've been sittin' here for hours
This ain't no party
No, no, no, no, it ain't no party, baby

Now, it's been seven years, and it don't take a smarty
To realize that even though my man throws confetti in my face
It still don't make it no party

This ain't no party
It ain't no party, baby

My mama wants to know when you gonna marry me

If you want me in your life you better make me your wife

My daddy's comin' to town I can't be messin' around

By the way, I would usually post a link to the site where I got the lyrics. But after searching all over the place, I found a horrible site where half of the lyrics were wrong and I ended up having to figure them out myself. So I decided that I didn't want to send anyone there.

So thanks for visiting my site. I hope you come back often. I'll be here.


September said...

Hey, Kathy! I just wanted to say hi! :-D

Have a good weekend. :-)

PMKat said...

Thanks for visiting, September!

Emily said...

I just changed your link on my blog so it shows this site!! :) Happy Sunday...

PMKat said...

Yay! Thanks, Emily!

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