Vancouver! Day 4...

Sunday morning I awoke bright and early to return to the Convention Centre and learn something new! The walk was easy, because the local newspaper was holding a "Sun Run," and there were no cars for most of my walk. I knew that both Drs. Mitchell and Lalas were presenting at 8:00am, but I actually wanted to attend a session on immigrant education. Go figure. While waiting for my session, I ran into Dr. Lalas and his student April (who, I suppose, is Dr. somebody, too). April didn't know me at all, though I've seen her around. She incorrectly assumed that because I'm working with Dr. Mitchell, I was doing a statistical study. Honestly, one would think that someone who has a degree in Leadership for Educational Justice would be better about not labeling students, but, sadly, maybe she did not learn that central lesson. The session I attended was interesting and informative. It was not as policy-oriented as I would have liked, but I did learn some things and was able to take some notes on a few things.

I had texted Matt earlier to see what he was doing, but he'd had a long night and was sleeping in. After the session, I went down to the exhibits and walked around a bit. It was mostly books and software. I have no need for any of that software right now, and I didn't want to bring any books home in my suitcase. So although it was interesting, I did not really feel sad when Matt finally showed up to the exhibit hall.

We decided to have lunch in the food court. Matt had Subway (yes, again), and I had a taco salad/tostada thingy. I hesitated to have something even pretend Mexican in Canada, but it wasn't bad. Typical food court food. We had lunch and then I went to see Dr. Mitchell's presentation. Matt went to another presentation with Dr. Thorson.

The session was interesting. It was about segregation. Dr. Mitchell's research was interesting and, I think, useful. About the time that he finished presenting, Matt and Dr. Thorson showed up and sat in front of me. Dr. Thorson didn't like the idea that the woman was presenting (that Rodriguez v. San Antonio was a race issue and should have been argued as such), and he said it was "stupid."

After the session, we talked with Dr. Mitchell and his dad, as well as with some of the other people a little. Dr. Mitchell was talking with his parents about dinner, so I was going to leave, but he told me to wait. While I was waiting, I had a chance to talk with Dr. Mitchell's mom. She looked at my nametag and said, "Oh, you're from the University. Are you a student?" Dr. Mitchell stopped in the middle of his conversation with his dad to say, "Oh, she's not just a student." Her eyes grew wide, and she said, "Oh, you're *the one*." I didn't even know how to answer that. I just kind-of laughed. She said, "My husband says you did a great job the other day." I thanked her, and she introduced herself to me as "The *second* Dr. Mitchell. *He's* the first one," she said, pointing to her husband. "I'm the second, and *he's* the third," indicating my advisor. I laughed again.

Dr. Mitchell (the third one) wanted to talk to me about submitting our research for an article. We made an appointment to meet the next morning, and I went off to find another session. I wasn't really into the roundtables, so I checked out the posters and then decided to go back to my hotel. I stopped by Staples and the drugstore and picked up a few supplies on the way back, and then I took a LONG nap. I woke up only to go to McDonalds and pick up dinner. Then I stayed in for the rest of the night, watching TV, hanging out online, and doing some research on education policy journals. It was a good day, but I was tired!

More adventures ahead. Stay tuned...

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