I Got a Phone Call...

...from a former Congressman this morning! That was pretty cool and a little disconcerting. I think he was amazed that (1) I knew to look for him and (2) I was able to find him. Unfortunately, he was unable to help me with my research. But he took the time to call me and tell me so in person. Thanks, Sir! Wish all legislators were so responsive.


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I write about whatever...life, education, diabetes, family, pets, church, God, and whatever else comes to mind.

    Some Things That Make Me Happy

    (1) learning
    (2) family
    (3) barney
    (4) food
    (5) school
    (6) music
    (7) adoption
    (8) Doctor Who
    (9) worship
    (10) baking
    (11) reading
    (12) Quantum Leap
    (13) chocolate Irish cream cheesecake
    (14) scrapbooking
    (15) cake decorating
    (16) Star Trek
    (17) Craig Ferguson
    (18) British TV
    (19) gooey butter cake
    (20) crunchy onions
    (21) traveling

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