Milo Makes a Friend

I've been trying to take Milo out more often. It's good for both of us--we both need the walks. Today we walked just a little farther than we had been, even though it's been unseasonably warm.

As we were walking along, we saw a man with a dog coming toward us. He was several houses away, and, as most people do, he crossed the street to avoid a dog encounter. Milo, true to form, began pulling at the leash and whining. Surprisingly, the man (whose name turned out to be Paul) understood what Milo was crying about. Instead of walking away quickly, he came back across the street to let the two dogs meet. They sniffed at each other, while the "parents" discussed our "children." His dog looked like a beagle from far away, but up close her face looked more terrier-ish. Anyway, the funny thing was that once the dogs smelled each other up close, they were fine--no more crying, whining, barking, or pulling. The four of us parted, and Milo and I continued our walk without any trouble.

So Milo made a friend today, just because someone crossed the street to say hello. I know there's an object lesson in there somewhere. If you think of one, feel free to post it. :)


Emily said...

Too early to think for me, but... sweet! I love it when people let dogs be friends. :) It's just... simple. And nice.

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