Goal #4

Here's goal #4 for year 2009:

I will get one room clean every week.

Again, this seems like a weird goal, but if you saw our house, you would understand the issue. Years of packratting by me and my parents has resulted in a huge accumulation of junk. So my goal this year is to get the entire house cleaned and to redo at least a couple of rooms. But I'm only focusing on one room at a time. Once I get the house presentable again, maybe I can get back to entertaining. :D

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September said...

Oh, I understand only too well! I'm a packrat, too, and I had to clean out so much stuff when I moved and sold the house. It was enough to make me reform my packrat ways -- for the most part. I am doing *much* better now! :-)

Good luck on your cleaning! I know that you can do it, and that you will enjoy the benefits so much!

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