Courage . . .

I found this really great article on the LA Times Website. It's pretty thought-provoking. I know that most of the people who read my blog (which isn't very many of you) disagree with me about things like this, but I really believe that Father Geoffrey Farrow has a lot of courage to come out in such a public way. He will probably lose his job--not just any job but his CALLING--because of his convictions. I was especially moved by this quote from the article:

"The Bible is not a book, it's a library written over 15 centuries," Farrow told me, suggesting that Christianity has and should continue to evolve. "People who approach scripture in a literal fashion are attempting to manipulate God himself."

Wow . . . I've never heard things stated that way. I'll have to think about this some more . . .

I hope other people will think as well.


Will K. said...

I read about him. I think it's awesome and he is courageous. That quote is a pretty damn impressive way of summing up how I feel as well.

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