Life without TV???

I just read this article about people who live without TV. I have nothing else to say. I just thought it was interesting. LOL.


September said...

I'm neither "crunchy granola" or "religious right, ultraconservative" -- LOL -- but I currently am living without TV, by choice. I never watch much TV anyway, but when I was still at the house and my oldest was living with me, we had a satellite dish -- he paid the monthly bill because he was the one who wanted it. ;-) Since I've moved, and since I live in a little bitty town, the only options for TV at the apartment are cable or dish. Since neither really fits into my budget at this time nor do I feel are worth it for the little bit that I watch, I've decided to forgo TV for the time being. So far, I haven't missed it. I may not say the same once the new season of Heroes starts, though... haha.

PMKat said...

I thought about going without TV when I went to grad school, but that didn't quite work out. :)

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