Living in Southern California Is Interesting . . .

One of the interesting things about living in L.A. is the famous people that one sees randomly. For example, last month I spotted Eva LaRue shopping at H&M in Glendale. I've been a fan of hers since she was on "One Life to Live" a gazillion years ago. And, of course, there was the time I sat in a jury waiting room with Ian Ziering. I blogged about it here.

Teaching in private schools in Southern California is interesting, too. One tends to run into well-known people or people who are connected to well-known people. (By the way, it is this latter group that is more annoying than the first.) So I could relate a little to the scenario in this article from the L.A. Times. I've met people who work at Oaks Christian, and I can only imagine that teaching there is similar to working at other private schools. Anyway, since most of my readers are from not-here, I thought you might get a kick out of life in La La Land.


Will K. said...

I like how that Article mentions Jimmy Clausen... bro of Ricky and Casey. :P

But yes, I do miss running into random celebrities. Although I can forego the brush with fame for the awesome life in Nor Cal. :)

PMKat said...

I remember how it was such a big deal when Casey picked a college . . . I thought it was so weird.

You do seem to be thriving in Nor Cal, Will. :)

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