And It Goes On and On My Friends . . . (NYC 2)

I must have been more tired than I thought, because I managed to sleep in Saturday morning. I wasn't planning to, but I underestimated how tired I was and the power of blackout curtains. I had hoped to spend the morning with the Chans, but that didn't work out. I was pretty disappointed about that, but I guess I needed the rest. I spent the morning getting ready for the big wedding and figuring out how to get there.

I left my hotel room at around 12:30 and headed to the subway station. It was not a long walk, and the streets were busy with tourists. I was happy to discover that I didn't even have to transfer, as I had expected, and I even helped a man buy his metro card. I took the A Train straight to Brooklyn. The train was crowded through Manhattan, but it got much less crowded as we got closer to Brooklyn. I arrived with no trouble and walked the several blocks to the event venue.

I got to the community garden early, but it allowed me to help out Tanya a bit, so she could go get ready for the wedding. She and her crew (Uncle and I'm not sure who else) had already done a great job at making the place look pretty, so I just did some finishing touches with someone named Simona. My sister and family arrived after a little while, and we caught up on things. My relatives (Auntie, Uncle, and Tanya) seemed surprised that I was there, but they were really, really surprised to see Cha, Ed, and Annie.

The wedding ended up being really nice, though it started a lot later than anticipated. My relatives were really happy that there was family in attendance. I think especially Auntie was happy about that. Kiana and Billy's wedding was, of course, non-traditional. It was short on ceremony and long on party, but it fit them perfectly. It was a beautiful wedding, and it was a lot of fun, too. The weather could not have been better, and I only got three mosquito bites out of it all. I'm really happy for all three of them, and I know they already are a beautiful family.

Ed and Cha decided to drive me back to my hotel, even though it was a long drive. They were staying in Brooklyn. We got lost a bit, but I finally made it back to the Flatotel and my hard bed. I hadn't eaten much all day, so I considered going back outside to find some food. In the end, I decided to order room service so that I could eat on my bed in front of the TV. It was a good decision. :)


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