My Afternoon as a Diva

So, I was really looking forward to Divabetic at Paramount Studios yesterday. It was advertised as a day of education and fun for diabetics and those who love them. I guess that's what it was, but, unfortunately, I didn't learn much, and I didn't have a whole lot of fun either. It wasn't NOT fun; it just wasn't all that great.

I arrived at Paramount Studios about 10 minutes before the event was supposed to start. And then I drove around and around in the parking lot to find somewhere to park. Since the fan in my car is not working, I was not thrilled to be stuck in my car for 20 minutes in the heat.

Finally, I parked, and a nice parking lot attendant directed me to the tram oversized golf cart that would take me to sound stage 10 for the event. It was only about 2 buildings away, as it turns out, so I didn't have to accept the ride anyway. I checked in and received my "maze map." I was told that I needed to visit all 6 education stations and fill out the survey on the back of the map in order to receive my gift bag as I left the event.

As I entered the building, I discovered that it was packed and LOUD. Right at the entrance, there was a line for the American Diabetes Association. The make-up tables were along the wall to my right, and people had already filled all of the chairs. In fact, the entire place was so crowded that it was difficult to get anywhere. A woman to my left beckoned me to her booth. "What are you doing over here?" I asked. "Blood pressure," she answered. "I have my blood pressure checked regularly," I answered. "And it's very good." "OK," she answered, without telling me that her booth held more than that.

I snagged a Pellegrino from the drink booth and finally got my bearings. I headed for one of the education stations and stood in line for a VERY long time to talk to a diabetes educator. At least . . . I think she was a diabetes educator; I'm actually not really sure. Anyway, the rest of the day was more of the same--standing in lines for education booths and talking to people whose credentials I wasn't really sure of.

The worst booth was the "Glam More, Fear Less" station. We were supposed to learn about pedicures and buying the perfect "little black dress." The speaker was horrible! And she offended me when she totally got my body type wrong. Honestly! Plus, she was wearing a too-tight dress that did not flatter her AT ALL!

There was free food, but I didn't get much of anything. The servers with the trays never seemed to come near me. Oh well. I managed to get a hand massage from someone. She didn't do a good job of telling me the name of her product, other than it's sold at CVS. I did not get a make-over or a manicure, both of which I had hoped for. But the lines were way too long. That was my biggest disappointment. My other disappointment was that I really didn't learn anything that I didn't know beforehand. I did manage to get my free gift bag, which had a lot of stuff to read, a few samples of cosmetics and stuff, and a cookbook. The backpack itself is pretty nice, and I may use that more than once.

Overall, I'll have to say that Divabetic was a disappointment, and I don't plan on attending another one of their events anytime soon.


Emily said...

OK, side note (because i haven't had a chance to read the entire post, but I will)... there's a challenge on my blog that no one can seem to get (it's totally not that hard). It's on the blog entitled "Meet the Boys." You should definitely go tell my other friends where it's at.

PMKat said...

LOL. I figured it out. :)

PMKat said...

See my follow-up to this post here:

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