Kathy's New York City Adventure, part 1

I left home at 5:30am to catch my Jet Blue flight from Burbank airport to JFK. I was surprised at how awake I was, but I was also glad. Pop drove to the airport much too fast, but otherwise everything was pretty uneventful. I didn't have any luggage, so I checked in pretty quickly and was through security relatively quickly as well.

The guy sitting in the window seat and I were hoping that the person sitting between us wouldn't show up, but we had no such luck. She showed up almost last, holding her coffee cup and whining about how she was just getting something to eat and didn't hear the announcement--as if that were somehow the airlines' fault. Then she proceeded to tell us that she "hates" sitting in the middle seat and "was so pissed" to find out where she had to sit. I'm not sure of her reason for doing this. Maybe she thought that if she pouted a lot, one of us would, out of the kindness of our hearts, offer to switch with her. Sorry, chica. You were sitting between a straight woman and a gay man, batting your eyes and pouting isn't going to get you squat. Once she saw I wasn't impressed, she pretty much ignored me for the rest of the flight, and I ignored her.

So we arrived in New York without any incident, and even earlier than scheduled. I had scheduled my car to pick me up almost an hour after my flight was supposed to land, so I had some time to kill. I found a place to get some lunch and even got to use Jet Blue's free wireless access in the terminal. I called my car service to pick me up and also had a chance to talk with my cousin Kiana on the phone. We planned to meet up later that day.

My driver took my into Manhattan. It was kind-of cool and funny. I actually recognized the names of things from watching "Law & Order" for all of these years. We arrived at The Roosevelt Hotel, and I set about finding my sister. She got out of her meeting and met me in the lobby. We went up to the room and soon after left to visit some shops around our hotel. We looked at some shoes and some very nice leather jackets (on clearance!).

Kiana texted that she was at our hotel, and we met her outside. Then we walked over to Cosi, a little salad/sandwich/coffee place, and had some dinner. It was really nice to catch up with her, since we haven't seen her in at least 5 years. (She looks great, by the way!)

After our short visit, Kiana went home. Lorei and I decided to walk around and explore our surroundings. We went to the Fossil store and then kept walking down 5th Avenue. We really had no specific destination in mind, so we were very happy when we arrived at the New York Public Library. I've always wanted to see those big lions in person. We took some pictures and experimented with being artistic. Then we continued our journey down 5th Avenue.

We soon arrived at Lord & Taylor, which is, I believe, owned by Macy's now. The store is something like 9 stories tall and is HUGE. We looked at shoes and random things, and then I realized that I didn't have a wrap for Friday night. So we decided to take advantage of the major sale that L&T was having and look for something to wear with my nice dress. Score! I found a jacket that was marked down to $140, but when the salesperson scanned it, it came up at $40! :)

We decided to head back to our hotel. After a short stop at the drug store for snacks, we went to The Roosevelt and settled in for the night. I tried to log onto the internet and ran into some issues. After a call to the service desk, I decided to give up for the night. So we were very surprised when someone from the hotel knocked on the door to help us out with the connection. And I was in my pajamas! Good thing I had my flannel pj's on. He never did manage to get it fixed, but he did try for quite a while. "It's OK," I told him. "It's almost time for Top Chef anyway."

(Hope it doesn't take me too long to get to part 2, but don't hold your breath waiting.)


Slicer said...

Did you happen to see John (fatchans) while you were there?

PMKat said...

No. We were only in town for 3 nights, and the timing never worked out. Next time . . . right, John?

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