Seeing Kate Spade

Who knew that Kate Spade made reading glasses? I sure didn't. But they sure are pretty. And pretty expensive. Maybe I'll add them to my list of "things I'll get someday when I actually have money." And, yeah, I think I do need reading glasses. I'll just have to start wearing my contacts again so that I can use the reading glasses over them. Boy, do I feel old . . .


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    Some Things That Make Me Happy

    (1) learning
    (2) family
    (3) barney
    (4) food
    (5) school
    (6) music
    (7) adoption
    (8) Doctor Who
    (9) worship
    (10) baking
    (11) reading
    (12) Quantum Leap
    (13) chocolate Irish cream cheesecake
    (14) scrapbooking
    (15) cake decorating
    (16) Star Trek
    (17) Craig Ferguson
    (18) British TV
    (19) gooey butter cake
    (20) crunchy onions
    (21) traveling

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