Down with the Food Police!

I don't think I've ever been able to communicate effectively how frustrating it is to be diabetic. I need to stick myself in the fingers, take too many pills, and watch what I eat. It's this "watching" that can be the most frustrating. (Well, that and the fact that the media like to say things like "eating too much fat can cause you to contract diabetes." CONTRACT??? Are you freaking KIDDING me???) For one thing, most people think that diabetics can't have dessert and that we are horribly deprived because of that. For the record, a cup of rice is worse for my diabetes than a small piece of cake, and this is not the case for every diabetic.

The frustration with my inability to express what it is like to be diabetic is often helped by talking with other diabetics (my favorite message board is here) and by reading articles about diabetes. I found one great one recently. You can read it here.

To compensate for my inarticulateness (is that a word?), read the article and, if you wish, tell me your thoughts.


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