I'm Back

I thought I'd told everyone, but I guess I neglected to tell some of you that I was going on vacation. I haven't had a real vacation in a while, so it was nice to get away. The extended family took a cruise to Alaska. And by extended, I mean--me, Mom, Pop, Auntie Mimah, Lorei, Greg, Greg's mom and dad, and Greg's uncle and aunt. Yup, ten of us in all. It was a good time, although it was disappointing on some levels. I'll tell you more about that later.

On the job front, well, let's just say keep your fingers crossed (and your knees bent). Thanks.

I'm managing to keep rather busy these days, so I guess that's good. At this point, however, all of my busyness is not cost-effective. Pray that that will change soon.

I'll post some pictures and stories of Alaska before the week is out. Really.


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    Some Things That Make Me Happy

    (1) learning
    (2) family
    (3) barney
    (4) food
    (5) school
    (6) music
    (7) adoption
    (8) Doctor Who
    (9) worship
    (10) baking
    (11) reading
    (12) Quantum Leap
    (13) chocolate Irish cream cheesecake
    (14) scrapbooking
    (15) cake decorating
    (16) Star Trek
    (17) Craig Ferguson
    (18) British TV
    (19) gooey butter cake
    (20) crunchy onions
    (21) traveling

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