Guess I'm Doomed to Hell

According to this article, Pope Benedict has declared all non-Catholic Christians as defective and that they cannot attain salvation except through the Catholic church. So sad.

Let me explain that, no, I'm not Catholic. Neither am I one of those anti-Catholic Christians, though I've encountered more than one person who is. I worked in Catholic education for many years, and I've even thought about joining the Catholic church in the past. I love the liturgy and the history of the church, but it is things like this that have stopped me.

When he was known as Joseph Ratzinger, the current pope took issue with the reforms of the Vatican II Council. He apparently still has problems over 40 years later, because this week he went out of his way to try to bury those reforms.


For the record, Pope Benedict, Christ did not found a church when He was on earth. Christ was born and lived. Christ died, Christ rose, Christ will come again. The fact that there is a Christian church now doesn't mean that Christ founded "one true church" or any other church for that matter.

In addition, Pope Benedict, salvation does not come from the church--any church. Salvation comes from Christ. Freely.


September said...

I was saddened, and frustrated, when I heard about this yesterday. *sigh*

Emily said...

Me, too.

I'm so thankful for the word of God - and the fact that, though other people choose to ignore certain aspects of it, God gave it to us to understand HIM.

A saved, non-Catholic-yet-Catholic-loving girl - Heaven bound..

PMKat said...

I found this really good commentary on the whole thing. Very interesting.

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